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Born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Blake Bonaparte has been a creative from a young age. In his creative, personal work he focuses on themes of black joy, queerness, vulnerability, intimacy, healing, and just plain old fun. His art is honest and all about taking identities we rarely (or never) see and reimagining them in new, unique spaces.  


Blake loves bringing other people's creative visions to life, big or small.  In spaces he curates or works in, he strives to create a safe, inclusive, comfortable environment for everyone. Over the years, Blake has worked on music videos, narrative shorts, documentaries, and experimental films, in a variety of positions. His specialties include portraiture, headshots, studio/backdrop photos, brand/artist promotion, curating events, and production/set design. 


Blake is currently based in Chicago, IL.

His resume and CV are available at request.

Instagram: @ayeee_itsblake 

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