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Non-Profit Video Work

These are selected projects that I have done for various non-profit organizations to aid them in revamping their online presence, increasing engagement, gaining funding, and creating social media content. 

Chicago Park District


I worked with the park district to create a virtual tour of one of their properties: Columbus Park Refectory. The Refectory is a popular wedding venue and event space in Chicago. We created this virtual tour to allow people to still view the space in a safe, socially-distanced way during the pandemic. I shot, edited, and narrated this video.

I worked as a media specialist for the park district's board of commissioners. Over the pandemic, I aided the board in making their in-person board meetings virtually accessible. This video is an example of a virtual meeting I edited.

Chicago Votes


I worked with the Chicago Votes to film a documentary about voting rights for incarcerated people in cook county. This documentary was used to create online buzz about a bill that was being voted on in Chicago. Silenced: An Unlock Civics Documentary is linked below.

I worked with the Chicago Votes to shoot a virtual concert starring local Chicago artists and creatives. We did this in an effort to increase engagement with their online audience and connect with their supports during the pandemic. The "Give a Shit Happy Hour" virtual concert is linked below.

Chicago Food Policy Action Council


I worked with the Chicago Food Policy Action Council to edit a grant application video to the Civic Innovation Challenge. This grant would secure funding for their Good Food Purchasing Initiative. I edited this video and shot majority of the footage.

I worked with the Chicago Food Policy Action Council (CFPAC) to create a recap video of one of their events to increase their online engagement. I edited this video with footage they shot at their event.

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